Chop Chop Newsletter – Volume 24

This month we’re eating pears! Plus doing a lot more with them—like ripening them, drawing them, learning from and about them, and turning them into jokes and riddles.

Chop Chop Volume 23

This month we’re cooking with squash! Plus doing a lot more with it—like jack-o’-lantern-themed math games, rotten science experiments, and more. We’re also wondering what your favorite things are about this month. Please drop us a line and let us know!

Chop Chop Volume 22

Welcome to the latest issue of our ChopChop Kids Club newsletter! This month we’re cooking with tomatoes. Or, more precisely, not cooking with tomatoes. Because they’re so good right now you really don’t need to cook them. Some kids we know bite right into tomatoes...

Chop Chop Volume 21

This month we’re cooking with corn. Or at least we’re sharing our simplest, most delicious way to let this summer star shine. Do you eat corn on the cob around and around? Or in rows, like a typewriter?

Chop Chop Newsletter – Week 20

This week we’re mixing up some refreshing, thirst-quenching drinks. Sometimes plain water can get boring, but we know we need to stay hydrated in the heat. Our main recipe is for Fruit Water: a deceptively simple pitcher of flavor-kissed deliciousness.