Oklahoma Farm to School Receives Federal Grant

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2020 – The Oklahoma Farm to School program has been awarded part of $12.1 million in Farm to School Grants – the most awarded since the grant program’s inception ‒ to 159 grantees – the most projects funded to date. These awards, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), will help bring fresh, local foods into schools and foster economic opportunity for America’s farmers over the next school year.

Chop Chop Newsletter – Week 15

This week we’re making Smashed Cucumber Salad (and yes, you get to do the smashing). How else do you like to eat cucumbers? Do you add them to your sandwiches or your salads?
What about your drinks? (Cucumber Lemonade is one of our favorite drinks for summer!) If you think you don’t love cucumbers, we hope one of our recipes will change your mind.

Chop Chop Newsletter – Week 14

We’re celebrating both the official start of summer and Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, June 21. We know not every family has a father, and that’s okay! You can make our burger recipe with or for any father figures or other special people in your life. However you celebrate, we hope you can use some of our ideas to make it a fun day for your family.

Chop Chop Newsletter – Week 12

This week we’re making applesauce. Sure, you can buy applesauce from the store, but it’s easy (and so much more fun) to mash it yourself. Plus, you can customize your applesauce by adding other ingredients you may have on hand, such as cranberries, nuts, spices, or even vanilla extract. Give it a try.

We think you’ll apple-solutely love it!

ChopChop Kids Club Mothers Day Special

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 10. Not all families have mothers, and that’s okay! We believe that anyone can be your “mother”—like your grandmother, aunt, a close neighbor, or even your father! Spend Mother’s Day honoring any and all motherly figures in your life.