ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter – Week 10

This week we’re making sweet potato fries. We love sweet potatoes! Why? They’re delicious and versatile, for one thing: You can roast, steam, or mash them, or cut them up and add them to soups or stews, where they turn creamy and luscious. Plus, they’re full of vitamins and nutrients, and that’s pretty sweet.

ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter – Week 9

This week we’re making smoothies. Yogurt is something we usually have in the refrigerator, and we love combining it with fresh or frozen fruit and even some leafy greens to make smoothies. Take a look at what’s in your kitchen right now, and then use our mix-and-match chart to create your own combinations.

ChopChop Kids Club Mothers Day Special

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 10. Not all families have mothers, and that’s okay! We believe that anyone can be your “mother”—like your grandmother, aunt, a close neighbor, or even your father! Spend Mother’s Day honoring any and all motherly figures in your life.

ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter – Week 7

This week we’re focusing on rice. We like to keep a big bag of rice in our pantry to add to soups, top with beans, serve with stir-fries, use to make rice pudding, and so much more. Our Double-Vegetable Fried Rice is a great way to use up all sorts of leftovers. We even prefer using leftover rice, so make this recipe when your family needs a refrigerator clean-out.

ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter – Week 6

This week we’re making bread. Yes, you can make your own bread at home—just like you see in the store or bakery!—and it’s easy. Baking bread is like one big science experiment. (Wait until you see how the dough rises!) And the results are delicious.

ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter – Week 5

This week we’re focusing on birthdays. Even if your birthday isn’t happening during this time, it’s pretty likely that you know someone who will be celebrating their birthday a little bit differently this year.