Lyle and Rae farm full-time at this diversified operation. They raise traditional products such as wheat, cattle and pork. They have diversified in growing fresh fruits and vegetables and also growing in four large greenhouses where they directly retail their plants from their storefront business in Oolagah. It is a family affair and all of the children are involved as well. They also direct market their produce and products at the Tulsa’s Cherry Street, Brookside and Pearl District Farmers Markets.The Blakely’s provide healthy vegetable plants to the farm to school program for many student activities during the school year in the Tulsa area and participate in the activities with the schools when they can.

Crops Grown:

Fresh produce, vegetable and ornamental bedding plants, herbs, beef and pork.

Contact Information:

Creekside Plants & Produce Lyle & Rae Blakely and children Rashele, Reighly and Larahmy 13103 South 4090 Rd. Oolagah, OK