The Farm to School Evaluation Toolkit, created by the Colorado Farm to School Task Force and Spark Policy Institute, is a resource to help farm to school programs of all sizes, in all states, undertake evaluation.​ Evaluation can serve many purposes for your farm to school program, including enabling you to demonstrate your program’s success or progress. Evaluation information you collect allows you to better communicate your program’s impact to funders, parents, school leadership, and other stakeholders. Evaluation can be a tool for you to recruit new funders. It can also be useful for program improvement. The toolkit ​ and its webinar training series, specifically designed for non-evaluators, will walk you through each step of an evaluation, providing easy-to-follow guidance for planning, implementing, and reporting on your evaluation. Hyperlinks to the data collection tools are ties to the farm to school outcomes, making it simple to find the right tool for measuring the impact of your program.