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Stories are powerful. Good stories about what’s happening on the ground help us advocate for supportive policies and funding, and they help us raise awareness about the benefits of farm to school.

We invite you to share information about farm to school work you are involved with or to share a resource that you think should be posted on our website. We will contact you for permission before using your name or the details of your story publicly.


Here are some ways you could use this form:

  • You successfully used a USDA Farm to School Grant to implement farm to school practices in your community.
  • You are a food producer or processor who was able to expand your business because of farm to school.
  • You are a family child care provider, and you have cute kid quotes and pictures to share from your first edible garden harvest day.
  • You have an idea for how policy on the local of federal level could better support your work.
  • Your organization developed a new resources, such as curriculum or evaluation tools, and you want to share it with our network.

Fill out this form and share your story about your experience with the Farm to School program.



Read Farm to School Success Stories

Cooking with Kids Taste Test

Through the Osage Hills Farm to School grant, 18 students in their gifted and talented classes prepared “pepper boats” under the supervision of Chef Callie Fowler. Chef Fowler works for Union Public Schools in Tulsa. Farm to School promotes students eating fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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