Participation Requirements and Opportunities





  • Increased market opportunities
  • Build relationships with local schools
  • Offer farm tours to educate students and staff about agriculture
  • Grant opportunities
  • Participate in grower workshops
  • Help in deciding what crops to grow, quantities, packing, & delivery

There are 540 school districts across the state that can range from very small to very large in size.
Ideal situation for all sizes of growers.

Getting Started

Meet with your state Farm to School Coordinator to discuss a plan. They will want to know the size of your farm and where you are located, what crops you have available and when they are in production, any food safety standards you have in place (link to food safety checklist under resources), and whether or not you have already reached out to your local school about potential opportunities.

Contact your state Farm to School Coordinator today!

Market Development Services Katie Strack Farm to School coordinator 405-522-2106 or Email