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Farm to School is an all inclusive program and can involve so many people and partners.

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Distribution Partners

The distribution partners of the Farm to School program are committed to bringing local foods into Oklahoma schools. Growers often aren’t equipped with their own methods of transportation, or they may not have time to transport their produce to multiple schools. Schools may not have the time or resources to pick up local produce from farms, and they can’t afford to be away from their school foodservice operations for any length of time. Distribution partners can bridge the gap and create a win-win for farmers and schools alike by distributing produce to schools across the entire state.

Thank your distributor for supporting Farm to School!

  • Ben E. Keith
  • Buddy’s Produce
  • Frontier Produce
  • Guderian Foods
  • Jim’s Produce
  • Mid-America Wholesale
  • Sysco Oklahoma
  • FreshPoint Oklahoma City & Tulsa
  • Go Fresh Produce
  • U.S. Food Service
  • Vinyards Produce Company

Plant a School Garden

One way to participate in Farm to School is to use your school gardens and greenhouses as educational opportunities for your students. Teach them about planning, planting, harvesting and even selling the produce to their school or community. Serve the produce grown in your school garden in the cafeteria; who doesn’t love a freshly picked garden tomato! Click here for more information about School Gardens.

Other Farm to School Activity Ideas

There are many ways to be involved with Farm to School. Start small with a farm field trip or bring a farmer in to talk about farming with the kids. Host a taste testing event so the students are able to sample local fruits and vegetables before they see it on their tray.
Click here for more Farm to School Activity Ideas.