The Hanley’s are the season extension hoop house whiz kids. Some years, Tod & Jaime don’t even have a summer garden, they usually are the winter growers. And the winter crops they do grow are simply beautiful and taste even better. They focus on growing heat-loving crops earlier and later than other growers and keep cool season crops going all winter long.

Recently, the Hanley’s hosted a hands-on, on- farm workshop to explain just how they put together their low-cost, high profit, 17’ X 100’ hoop houses for less than $1000.
Download an electronic version of the drawings here.

Children recently came to the farm to harvest fresh sweet potatoes and then took them to the kitchen to see how to prepare them and then do some yummy taste testing. Demand for the Hanley’s produce far exceeds their supply with future plans to partner with farm to school hands-on learning experiences with local schools.

Contact Information:

Trebuchet Gardens
Tod & Jaime Hanley
501 66th Ave SE
Norman, OK  73026