Our farm to school program has given us the opportunity to educate our students in the classroom. Stone Stack who supplies all our whole grain, whole wheat flour and our cornmeal came out to educate the Middle School nutrition class on how to make cornmeal waffles. He showed the class how to make them from scratch, and cook them in a waffle machine. The kids raved about them. Our Chef also made cornmeal lemon drop cookies with his product. The students now have them on the menu at least twice a semester. Educating our students on the importance of supporting the local farmer has become a vital part of the Weatherford Public School child nutrition program. Our students tour P Bar farms corn maze and get to see how important local business is while eating healthy options in our cafeterias.

We have also had an excellent experience with Triple S Farms as a farm to school vendor. All of the watermelons we received from them were very tasty. They were accommodating to our needs. He was easy to work with and loved hearing the stories about the students as well. He told us he had been stopped several times in town and people thanked him for becoming a Farm to School Vendor and teaming up with our school.

The students all loved the watermelon. We had several that came in the morning for watermelon that don’t normally come in. This gave me the opportunity to encourage them to eat breakfast with us. Those students are now eating with us most mornings!


Story submitted by

Weatherford Public School Nutrition Staff, Director Tina Kurtenbach