WASHINGTON, June 29, 2020 – The Trump Administration broke records today for the second year in a row by awarding $12.1 million in Farm to School Grants – the most awarded since the grant program’s inception ‒ to 159 grantees – the most projects funded to date. These awards, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), will help bring fresh, local foods into schools and foster economic opportunity for America’s farmers over the next school year.

“USDA’s Farm to School Program is a win-win,” said Brandon Lipps, USDA’s Deputy Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services. “The grants announced today will help build bright futures for our children by connecting them to where their food comes from, while also nourishing the local economy and supporting American agriculture.”


Oklahoma Winners

Oklahoma State Department of Education – $99,054
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Grant Type: State Agency
The Oklahoma State Department of Education, in partnership with Oklahoma State University, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, and the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, is applying for funds to create the Fresh Resources to Enhance Student Health (FRESH) project. The project will be a multi‐agency effort aimed at changing the paradigm of school nutrition in Oklahoma. The project will include farmer education, training, child nutrition staff culinary skill development, and culinary management training. Nine school districts will also receive school‐site chef consultations to include nutrition staff on‐site training as well as hands‐on cooking experiences for students. The project will also increase the online promotion of the Farm to School Program, and develop and host spring Farmer’s Showcases to promote the fresh, local produce used in school lunches.
Panola School District 4 – $99,874
Panola, Oklahoma
Grant Type: Implementation
Flow N Grow will provide the capital needed to expand Panola Agriculture Program with a Greenhouse and Aquaponics systems. This will establish the foundation required to increase local producer engagement via community events held onsite. New Community liaison will leverage membership and partner associations for introductions to new producers. Ultimately, through taste testing, healthy food distribution and education Panola will increase access to healthy foods and decrease food insecurity.
Union Public Schools – $99,836
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Grant Type: Implementation
Union Public Schools (UPS) will grow a more robust and sustainable Farm to School Program that will ultimately serve as a model program. Increased local food purchasing will occur by increasing the number and variety of farmers. A consulting farmer, and partners, Oklahoma State University and State Farm to School, will provide technical support for other farmers interested in pursuing farm to school by providing best practices, training, and networking activities for farmers. UPS will encourage more school districts to purchase local foods by using the UPS local co‐op bid. Connecting students to agriculture will occur by providing a supervised district greenhouse, along with the consulting farmer, for experiential STEM and botany learning opportunities for High School and Alternative Education students. Career Connect students will have the opportunity to work at the consultant’s farm and greenhouse.
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